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THE PIANIST is Wladyslaw Szpilman’s harrowing account of the annihilation of Jewish life in Warsaw during World War II and his remarkable survival through the transcendent power of music. His memoir inspired an Oscar-winning film – and now acclaimed Playwright/Director Emily Mann has crafted an innovative, immersive play with music that delivers THE PIANIST’S terrifying and triumphant tale with soul-shaking power and thrilling theatrical immediacy.

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Coming Soon

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Michael Wolk is a co-producer on the upcoming musical adaptation of the iconic 1984 film The Karate Kid, directed by Amon Miyamoto and featuring a score by Drew Gasparini and a book by original screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen. The original film has become an enduring classic across generations, spawning multiple sequels as well as a spin-off TV series Cobra Kai. The musical adaptation aims to bring The Karate Kid's success to new audiences, expanding the franchise's legacy.

In Association with AFO NYC

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Dressed in drag, Judith heads to London to save her brother’s reputation. There, she finds herself in a patriarchal, politically-charged, deeply divided nation, discovering the pleasures and pitfalls of passing as a poet known around town as The Bard. Gallivanting in and out of character, Judith is a touching solo show that questions ambition, self-worth, and queer identity.

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